Computer assisted reporting- analysis

In this story published on, the journalist investigated the number of waivers made by the state Teaching Board over the last five years, concluding that the number had doubled. The reporter also evaluated the number of teachers who were improperly licensed, interpreting these numbers in comparison to previous years. The reported definitely needed the skills to navigate computer data and how to interpret this data.

Boy Dies After Falling From Zip line

An 11-year-old boy died Sunday after falling from a zip line at a theme park in Snowdonia, Wales, the Guardian reported.

The tragedy happened around 4:30 p.m. Sunday at GreenWood Forest Park at Bethel on the park's new "SwampFlyer" zip, the Daily Mail reported.

According to the theme park's website, the zip line was launched just last week and is "the longest zip line in Wales." The park's operation manager, Steve Williams, couldn't say why the tragedy occurred. He said the ride is checked over every morning by park maintenance crews.

Yemeni people Protest President's Immunity Deal

Thousands of Yemeni people took to the streets Sunday to protest the President Ali Abdullah Saleh's agreement to step down from power in exchange for immunity of those who served in his regime, CNN reported.

Saleh, who has been in power since 1978, has agreed to the deal but not yet signed anything that concretes it. According to the Guardian, the protestors believe the deal does not justify the thousands of people who have been demonstrating over the past three months.

There is also fear that although Saleh has agreed to the deal, he will not actually leave office. In an interview with BBC Arabic, Saleh said he would not accept being overthrown by a coup. "To whom shall I hand over power?" he said. "Those who are trying to make a coup? No. We will do it through ballot boxes and referendums. We'll invite international observers to monitor - but a coup is not acceptable."

St. Louis Airport Reopens After Tornado

The St. Louis airport reopened Sunday, two days after a tornado damaged a few planes, blew out windows and threw a bus onto the roof, the Associated Press reported.

Officials said that around 70 percent of the scheduled flights would still arrive and depart, the Washington Post said. Concourse C, which suffered the most damage, is expected to open in a few months.

The tornado damaged about 750 homes in the St. Louis area and left nearly 26,000 people without power. Gov. Jay Nixon said that the lack of serious injuries felt like "divine intervention."

Facebooker Who Caused School Lockdown Found

The Facebook user who triggered the full-day lockdown of Eden Valley-Watkins schools has been tracked down by police, KARE-11 reported.

Three schools in Eden Valley-Watkins were shut down after one of the principals saw a Facebook post of a picture of the school with a status next to it that read "I see dead people."

Police tracked the IP address to a woman whose children attend one of the schools. She told authorities that she had watched the movie "The Sixth Sense" Tuesday night, leading to the post, the Star Tribune said.

KARE-11 News Director Fired

Tom Lindner, KARE-11's longtime news director, announced that he was leaving the station Wednesday, according to the Star Tribune.

Lindner, a University of Minnnesota graduate, had been the news director since 1996, the Pioneer Press said.

"I was simply told that they wanted a change," Lindner told Star Tribune staff in a phone conversation. He said that it was not his decision.

John Remes, KARE's general manager, wouldn't give any specifics about Lindner's departure, but said that the decision did not come from KARE's corporate parent Gannett.

Mauer Denies Infection Related to Leg Weakness

The Minn. Twins' All-Star catcher Joe Mauer denied that the weakness in his legs was connected to a viral infection he has been battling, the Star Tribune reported Sunday.

Mauer was placed on the 15-day disabled list Thursday because of leftover weakness from a December surgery on his knee, KARE 11 said.

Mauer said that he lost 12 pounds over the weekend while battling to keep food down.

"I'm still not feeling very good," he said. "Definitely better than the last couple of days, though."

He says his legs are weak because of a failure to build strength during spring training, and not the illness he's been fighting recently.

Thousands Protest Yemeni Leader's Remarks on Women

Thousands of people took to the streets on Sunday to protest the Yemeni President Ali Abduhllah Saleh's remarks that women should not demonstrate or take part in rallies, the Guardian reported.

Security forces opened fire on the anti-government protesters, who were numbered in more than 100,000, shooting at least 10 and using tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowd, the Star Tribune said.

More than 120 people have been killed in Yemen since a crackdown by security forces, and the country has been harrowed by protests demanding the president's ouster for the past two months. Last week the six-nation Gulf Co-operation Council advised Saleh, who has been in rule for 32 years, to hand over his powers to his deputy in order to quell the unrest.

Storms Hit North Carolina Hardest

A storm system that launched at least 241 tornadoes over 14 states hit North Carolina Saturday, killing at least 21 and devastating homes, flipping cars and throwing livestock into the air, the Washington Post reported.

The three-day system was one of the worst spates of twisters ever recorded, the LA Times said. At least 45 have been reported dead nationwide, and more than 241 tornadoes were spotted.

It was the deadliest day for tornadoes in North Carolina since 1984, when 22 twisters killed 42 people across the state.

Woman Critically Injured After Colliding with Cow

A Lacrosse, Wisc. woman was critically injured Saturday night when her van collided with a cow in Southern Minnesota, KARE 11 said.

Authorities said that Svetlana Schmitz, 36, was traveling westbound on I-90 south of Lewiston when her van hit a cow and rolled, the Pioneer Press reported.

Schmitz sustained serious injuries and was transported to St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester. The only passenger in the car, 62-year-old Tatyana Grigorieskaya, had only minor injuries.