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In this Kare 11 news report, the lead gives the reader all the main elements of the story (Who, What, Where, When, How, Why) in two concise sentences.
The lead first off gives the location, Seattle, before it even starts. After, the "what" or action of the story is given- that a guard was strangled at a prison in Washington. The lead also gives a little background information, like the fact that he was concerned about being the only officer there. It also tells the "who" (the officer and the inmate who is the suspect), and that it was on Sunday. Since it was a hard-news story, all of these elements contribute to making it easy to read without being too wordy.

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Kelsey: You're doing a good job with the blog. Be sure to use AP style when writing these entries. As you learn more, it will become easier. GG

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