Anarchists Will Target Royal Wedding

Fears about the royal wedding mounted when a peaceful protest in London turned into a violent ransacking of local businesses, banks, and restaurants by anarchists, the Express reported Saturday.

The original demonstration was 250,000 strong against spending cuts, but more than 200 people ended up being arrested and 31 officers were injured, according to the Telegraph.

Commander Bob Broadhurst said that the anarchists would be "deliberately targeting" the royal wedding on April 29. According to the Express , the anarchists will occupy five key points near the wedding location, stretching police forces out in order to create chaos.

The plans come as a outcry against the publicity given to the royal family. Chris Knight, a ringleader who was arrested in 2009 for inciting violence at the G20, said "No one objects to a couple displaying their affection, but public extravagance on this scale seems an insult and provocation to the rest of us."

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