Yemeni people Protest President's Immunity Deal

Thousands of Yemeni people took to the streets Sunday to protest the President Ali Abdullah Saleh's agreement to step down from power in exchange for immunity of those who served in his regime, CNN reported.

Saleh, who has been in power since 1978, has agreed to the deal but not yet signed anything that concretes it. According to the Guardian, the protestors believe the deal does not justify the thousands of people who have been demonstrating over the past three months.

There is also fear that although Saleh has agreed to the deal, he will not actually leave office. In an interview with BBC Arabic, Saleh said he would not accept being overthrown by a coup. "To whom shall I hand over power?" he said. "Those who are trying to make a coup? No. We will do it through ballot boxes and referendums. We'll invite international observers to monitor - but a coup is not acceptable."

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