June 28, 2004

Capstone 6-28-04

Consider thinking splitting the paper into 1/2 being materials relating to Expatriate programs and the other 1/2 about statistics of hardship programs and China improvements in these areas compared to ranking changes.

Pretty clear about what the first part will include. Attempt to look at materials for the second part today. Think I have a good game plan. The materials found today included a list which should prove interesting. I will definetly include the list in which the ORC uses as a hardship ranking indicator. Also thought about how a good debate point would be how some of these items are already included in the balance sheet itself. For example, housing is one of the items which are one of the considerations in rankings, should it also be included as one of the items in hardship? If yes, why? Will need to print it out today over in Carlson to be sure as to why ie.

Posted by shiu0005 at 3:48 PM