Geraldine Ferraro, first female vice-presidential nominee, dies at 75

Geraldine Ferraro, who became the first female presidential nominee, died Saturday at the age of 75.
She died in Massachusetts General Hospital from a blood cancer she had been battling for 12 years. She was surrounded by family and friends, reported CNN.
Ferraro is survived by her husband of 50 years, her three children and their spouses, and her eight grandchildren, reported Fox News.
In 1984, Ferraro accepted the Democratic nomination for vice president of Walter Mondale's political party, and made American history as the first female nominated for national office by a major party, reported the New York Times.
In the end, Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan won 49 of the 50 states, the biggest landslide in almost half a century, reported Fox News.
Even though the Mondale campaign lost, Ferraro had removed the "men only" sign from the White House door 64 years after women won the right to vote, reported the New York Times.

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