Groupon now offers real estate

A Chicago real estate firm teamed up with the online discount company, Groupon, to offer clients rebates on property purchases.
Dream Town Realty is the first real estate company to offer a residential real estate deal through Groupon, reported the Kansas City Star.
The deal was that Dream Town Reality would pay their customers $1,000 at the closing of a home worth at least $150,000 if they purchased a Groupon coupon for $25 this week, reported United Press International. The offer will run for a week.
The coupons apply to both traditional and distressed properties, reported the Kansas City Star.
With this new deal, Groupon is expanding its range of offerings, reported United Press International. "Our big picture is we're really an emerging company," said Dream Town founder and President Yuval Degani. "What we're trying to do is acquire new customers."

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