Hundreds killed in Ivory Coast violence

Hundreds of people died last week in Ivory Coast in an attempt to overthrow Laurent Gbagbo's forces near the town of Duekoe.
Supporters of the country's UN-recognized president, Alassane Ouattara, fought against Gbagbo's forces after Gbagbo regained control of the state TV headquarters, reported the Guardian.
It is unclear how many have died. The United Nations said Saturday that 330 were killed, reported the New York Times, but the International Committee of the Red Cross said more than 800 people were killed.
The Red Cross team arrived in Duekoe on Thursday. Spokesman Kelnor Panglungtshang told CNN that the Red Cross was helping to identify and recover the bodies on the streets and that 15,000 residents of the town sought refuge in a Catholic mission.
The United Nations said more than 100 people were killed by Gbagbo's forces and around 200 were killed by Ouattara's forces, reported the New York Times.

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