Kids get served alcohol at Olive Garden and Applebees

Is serving an alcoholic beverage to a child at a sit-down restaurant an easy mistake to make? After all, a wait staff handles hundreds of orders in a day, and accidents happen.
Twice over the past month, at two popular restaurant chains, two kids got a little extra surprise in their cups, reported Time. The restaurants said they are providing safeguards against children receiving alcoholic beverages.
On March 31, at an Olive Garden in Lakeland, Fla., a 2-year-old was served alcoholic sangria, not orange juice, reported USA Today. Then, tuesday, at an Applebee's in Madison Heights, Mich., a 15-month-old boy's sippy cup was supposed to be filled with apple juice but was filled with margarita mix and alcohol.
After these incidents, the two restaurants started devising plans to prevent drunk little kids in the future, reported Time.
Applebees said it has switched to pouring apple juice from single serve containers while at Olive Garden, sangria will be mixed to order individually instead of in batches, reported Time.

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