Southwest Airlines grounds plane after cabin rips open

Brenda Reese awoke from a "gunshot-like sound" as her Southwest Airlines plane cruised at 36,000 feet on Friday, reported the Associated Press. When she looked up, she could see the sky through a hole torn in the cabin roof.
After a sudden descent and loss of cabin pressure, passengers scrambled for oxygen masks as the 737 Boeing made an emergency landing.
One passenger saw a flight attendant and another passenger pass out from a lack of oxygen, hitting their heads on the seat in front of them, reported the Associated Press.
Nobody was seriously injured, Whitney Eichinger, a spokesperson for Southwest Airlines told the New York Times Saturday.
"You can see completely outside," Reese told The Associated Press. "When you look up through the panel, you can see the sky."
The plane had substantial visible damage to its nose and that at least one dead crane was stuck to the front when it landed, reported CNN.
Reese said passengers applauded the pilot after he emerged from the cockpit following the emergency landing at Yuma Marine Corps Air Station/International Airport, reported the Associated Press.

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