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January 7, 2010

Epiphany Epiphany - Dodd and Carla at St. Mark's

Senator Dodd resigned yesterday and mentioned that he was resigning on Epiphany.

This felt like a supernatural connection as I heard his discussion of "why" he is resigning. My reptile brain was shouting, "No, you cannot do this to 'us!'" Doesn't Dodd know how much "we" need him? "What about the healthcare bill--it's not a done deal yet!"

And his response was "no one is indespensible."

Humbling words to hear. Did any one else feel the weight of his decision in light of his cancer diagnosis and his young wife and family? The man spoke of the death by cancer recently of another indispensable man, Ted K. You know who I mean, we all do. Dodd had his epiphany at Arlington Cemetery at the Kennedy gravesite.

The coincidence (or supernatural connection referred to ealier) was aligned with a conversation had ealier that day. Yesterday, about 12:30 p.m. at the Job Seekers group for congregants I met with Carla at St. Mark's Cathedral. Carla told me the story that the Wise Men were professionals on a mission. They were seeking answers to what the stars were telling them. Yet these professionals who came with the usual detachment of professionals found themselves kneeling in reverence before a humble human scene.

Thank you Carla and thank you Senator Dodd for rising about the temporal frey of urgency and fear. Thank you oh ye Wise Men of old. Thank you for setting your sights on what matters.


What is your epiphany this winter? Where are you surprised? Where do you find energy and engagement?