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June 17, 2010


Updated June 02, 2011. This blog started in Winter 2009, as the "bailouts" and historic Obama administration began. The topic is about "recession"--the economic kind, the mental kind, the personal kind. Things recede--things move and change. Hairlines, hemlines, the tide . . . . Recessions seem good, bad, or indifferent. They "are." [We now know, as our commentors point out, just how tough this time is for many. All the more reason for constructive thinking and actions!]

In this summer of 2011, I want to direct you to my blog about "failure" based on Denzel Washington's speech recently, and numerous other tid bits of what I've learned about change and challenge:
In the summer of 2010, we were dealing with the ecological crisis emerging from the BP oil-rig disaster. Refer to Time Magazine's front cover showing the oil-soaked Pelican--Oh my--"I'd hate to have that magazine sitting on MY living room table," said the store clerk. Aren't we all like her--let's just not look at it--it's too awful to conceive of. But it IS. And it is not going away soon enough for me and like-minded folks.

So, my first entry on this blog continues to show merit--"green" priorities continue to emerge and take precedence. "In crisis is opportunity"--that wise Asian adage, continues to prove itself. We see volunteers flooding to the Gulf, bringing increased consumerism to the Gulf area. We see engineers offering solutions--though not fast enough. Certainly there is not enough opportunity in this crisis--at least short-term. Long-term however, I sense the elephant in the room is becoming less of a secret. The disasters plaguing New Orleans are becoming the death knell for a fossil fuel and energy industry heyday. We all need to look at the green implications of our actions, right? Do we really want to continue to see our recreational areas as well as fishing and shrimping and crabbing etc. areas harmed like this?!

My original questions on this blog were the following: "What is your personal recession today? Where are you feeling 'less than'? Where have you seen financial loss? What other kinds of loss?"

I'd now add: "Where are your opportunities 'to go green'? What are you doing to reduce driving distance and driving frequency by automobile? What short-term business opportunities does this Gulf of Mexico oil-rig disaster present? What long-term business opportunities does our new green economy offer you? Can you start a new vertical market to help get Minnesota out of the recession?"

Back to my earlier blog comments from 2009; notice how much of it still does apply!

* * *

John McCain talked about our country having a mental recession. To me that means we're are not talking enough and using our heads - not reflecting enough to learn what we need to do next.

It looks like we are a bit too much into fear, greed, and materialism. Maybe if we "let go" just a bit, we'll all be a lot better off. We may create new jobs that are really needed for our green economy for example!

So again, tell me about YOUR recession and your thoughts about it.

> Are you creating something new, moving into the unknown?

> Are you hunkering down, retreating, doing less? Taking fewer classes?

> Did you get the grades you thought you deserved?

> Did you learn something new that was real difficult, like Calculus!?

It's all OK, let's just talk about what makes sense for now. A dialog may take us somewhere worth going to :)