Back to basics when all else fails--Denzel, etc.

"Square one," "The bottom fell out," "Loser," "Grief," "Loss," "It's 'the End.'"

I loved that graduation speech by Denzel Washington, actor, the other day, "You are going to fail. . . . If you don't fail you aren't even trying. Get used to the idea. . . ." or something like that!

At the time though, when you are in the experience of grief, loss, depression, failure, and so on, it is very hard to cope and some of us forget to reach out or encourage ourselves. We don't know that there is a way out of the despair and hopelessness and that part of getting through is to embrace the struggle by including others or certain actions in the process.

In these days of a tough economy, global change, diverse cultural engagement, we seem to be handling the change by "losing our grip" with our primate nature. Touch, hugs, face to face communication . . . some of us are forgetting our divine natures--spiritual beings having a human experience.

If you are feeling everything closing in and getting down on yourself, here are five things for motivation and encouragement that have helped me:

1. Call a good friend, family member, or good listener, who accepts you as you are and get together with them or if they are willing to listen, talk on the phone.
2. Call the hotline from the phone book (such as 1st call for help at 612-379-6363) and talk with a counselor.
3. Get a therapist or talk with a rector, pastor, or trusted other.
4. Walk and breathe in nature.
5. Hold a pet, kitten, puppy, dog, cat, etc.
5. Start attending a church, synagog, mosque, or other spiritual tradition or 12 step group.

Remember: We are worthy no matter what happens, we count and have probably lost sight of our worth if we are overwhelmed. We have a lot more of what it takes than we think we do, and we feel better when we find support and start taking risks to move forward and act on our faith and belief in ourselves. If we don't feel as if we believe in ourselves, we act as if--we act our way into a new way of being.

Pray for the will to move forward if you are not yet willing--and then see how your prayer is answered pretty quickly with an intuitive thought, a decision, or some other amazing willingness emerging--in some small or large way.

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