February 25, 2008

Wed. through Monday

Last Thursday was a pretty low cost day. I had some Subway for lunch which was about $7. Beyond that it was the usual drive to and from school along with a bit of TV watching. A pretty boring Thursday overall.
Friday was actually kinda warm, great news! Was actually able to turn down the radiators a bit and had to crack the window open a sliver for some fresh air. In the morning I headed downtown to my internship and shelled out $12 for parking. I also spent $7 on some Taco Bell because it was convenient and it holds fond memories for me as hard as that may be to believe. I spent a little on gas going from place to place and ended up headin to campus quick for a meeting with Jasper. On the way back I dropped by the car wash and spent $4 saving my car from the awful winter grime and salt assault. That night I headed downtown for a friend's birthday celebration. I dropped $30 at Nami Sushi and then we headed over to the Shout House where I dropped about $23. Headed over to Drink just to dance a bit and then hailed a cab home which was $4 for me with the rest split amongst a couple others.
Saturday was mostly a non-event, allowing myself to recover from the previous night. I had some leftovers and otherwise previously bought food and didn't end up traveling much of anywhere so it was a good balance to Friday's wel-worth-it spending spree.
Sunday involved a Wendy's purchase for me and a friend - $12.60 - since he was helping me set up my computer for the workplace. After that I headed to Rainbow for a brief shopping trip that set me back about $35. From there I went home and enjoyed some of the food recently purchased.
Today involved a trip downtown, $12 for parking, trip back home; Had some Cousins for lunch - $5 - and then traveled into campus for class. After that I headed home and had some leftovers for dinner. That's about it for now.

February 21, 2008

Saturday - Wednesday

Saturday I didn't make any new purchases, I stayed home and rested and filled myself up on previously purchased food. Didn't go out anywhere because I had quite a few things to get done for the upcoming week and I wanted to stave off a relapse as best I could.
Sunday was virtually the same. I was able to get a fair amount of work done and managed to avoid the cold for the entire day. I had some leftovers and freezer meals as well as a bit of soup, mostly things that I purchased at the store when I made it out on Thursday.
Monday I slept in to continue avoiding any possible relapse--and I haven't gotten one up to this point so I think I'm doing alright. Traveled into campus and then made a quick stop in Dinkytown afterward. I finally dropped off the movies I rented the previous week and will end up paying $8 for the two. In the end, it cost me what it would have to go to a rental store or order the movies from Comcast so it's not so bad. Before heading home I picked up some Chinese food which set me back just over $10, but I will get leftovers from it and its delicious so that is perfectly alright.
Tuesday before class I drove to the Quarry to get some stuff printed at the CopyMax there. After that it was time for class. For lunch I spent $7 on some Subway, chips and a drink and then went over to Burger King on my way home from my second class. BK cost me $6 and wasn't that tasty, but so it goes. I had some leftover chinese before I headed for bed later on that night.
This morning I got up pretty early and headed over to my internship downtown. Parking set me back a rediculous $12 for just over three hours and that really sucked. I ended up getting some free coffe and pizza while working downtown and then headed back home for a little rest before zooming over to campus for class. After class I hung around the computer lab for an hour or so and then drove into Dinkytown to meet a friend for her birthday at Burrito Loco. I dropped $1.75 in quarters for parking, another $6 for some beer and then about $7 for a burrito. All-in-all I spent much more than I would have liked to today, but you can't keep it cheap every day of the week so it is what it is.

February 15, 2008

Tuesday to present...

When I woke up on Tuesday I was completely drained. I had no energy, a very light head paired with a slight headache, non-stop chills with the occasional hot flash, slight body aches and a bit of nausea. I didn't even try and eat anything except a very seldom bite of cereal later in the day. I finally forced myself to eat a little soup--no chicken noodle though which was a bummer--and drank as much water as I could. All I could do was lay in bed or sit rather uncomfortably on my futon in the living room.
Wednesday was a bit better, some of my energy had returned, the light head/headache was almost completely gone, but the head congestion really started to hit me hard. I had gained a little bit of an appetite and managed to eat half a sandwich along with a little bit of cereal and other snack stuff. Continued to drink lots of water and remembered I had plenty of tea so I hit that hard with some honey added in to help the irritated throat.
Thursday I felt up to going out but figured it a bad idea to head to class as I was likely contagious; instead I headed to Boynton to see the doctor to make sure I was indeed getting better and if there was anything I could do to speed the recovery. Of course there is not much besides cold meds and plently of liquids so after the doctor's visit I made a quick trip to Rainbow and spent $44 on soup, non-acidic meals and some cold meds. After the trip I still had some energy so I dropped by McDonald's to get a couple movies which I've spent $4 on at this point--$2 a day for two movies--and also got a little bit of food for $4. Later that night I had some hearty chicken noodle soup which was exactly what I had been looking forward too. As usual I was drinking lots of water and tea all day. The cold pills helped only a little since they weren't over the counter. Fortunately my ex told me she had some pills in the apartment that work really well for colds and flu. I found those and they worked quite well, although it didn't fix everything.
Today I had some more soup, am continuing to drink water and tea and take my cold meds. I don't think I'm heading out for anything, I am more than ready to be better!! No more purchases today, I have plenty of food by now so that should last me for a bit. I remember the doc saying it usually takes the body 10-14 days to fight off a cold or flu virus entirely and it is not uncommon for a relapse to occur. I'm doing my best to avoid a relapse because I do not need to feel as crappy as I did on Monday night and Tuesday and I really hope my body can fight this off faster than 10 days because there is too much to get done! Well, I'll continue to get plenty of rest and fluids, thats as much as I can do. Until next time...

February 12, 2008

Thursday to Monday.. consumption

Thursday: Gas consumption on the way to and from St. Paul. For breakfast I had an oatmeal square which was previously purchased. I spent five dollars for lunch at Subway and just had some leftovers for dinner so food costs were very low. Unfortunately I had to spend $500 to help pay down my Best Buy credit card account which was used to purchase a computer.
On Friday I ate leftovers and previously purchased goods so food costs seemed free--of course they weren't in actuality. Later that night I traveled to the casino which burned a little gas; I lost about twenty dollars but enjoyed a very rare involvement in a live poker game so it was well worth it.
Saturday I spent $27 on groceries and stopped by the Bad Waitress on Eat Street to pick up an amazing sandwich and some coffee.
Fortunately, on Sunday I was able to stay indoors where the heat is so I definitely consumed a lot of programming, electricity and some heating oil. I had plenty of food so I didn't venture out at all.
Today I made my way downtown to meet with a company I will be doing some work with and from there headed to class. I thought I was going to get a ticket since I was 10 minutes late getting back to my car--fortunately there wasn't but I spent $2.25 in quarters to accrue just over an hour of parking time which is simply insane. After class I headed to Leanne Chins and for about $6.5 got some mongolian and sesame chicken. I washed that down with a mountain dew once i got home and fell asleep. Now I feel really crappy and I'm thinking I must have picked up something at the casino Friday because I have no energy, a combination light head and headache and am constantly getting chills. Now it's time to get some good sleep (hopefully) so that I can fight whatever this is off as soon as possible. Until later this week!

February 6, 2008

Tues. + Wed. Consumption

Tuesday's consumption consisted mostly of a shopping trip in which I spent about $55. Aside from conditioner, everything I picked up was a food item of one variety or another. I got some ingredients to make spaghetti, i got some fish, couscous, chips and dip and a bertolli's frozen dinner. Prior to the shopping trip I had an oatmeal square for breakfast--not very tasty but quite good for you--and I purchased a bottle of cherry coke for a dollar and a quarter. To go with the coke was a leftover bag of chips, so nothing extra spent there. After shopping I went home and made some spaghetti which will work out to be quite a few meals for myself. Minus a little bit of TV watching, burning gas to get around town and consumption of already purchased goods that tops off Tuesday's consumption.
Today I didn't buy one thing, not even some chips or soda. I burned some gas to get to class, watched some TV, ate some chips and dip from the cupboard and had some leftover spaghetti. I am getting hungry again but I have a fair surplus of edibles here so those have already been paid for. It feels good to hang on to all my money for one day atleast. I will have to see what the next couple of days bring, but from what I can see I should be able to keep my spending down. Until next post....

February 5, 2008

Sat. night + Sunday + Monday

Well, on saturday night i wasnt planning on going out anywhere but a good friend convinced me to since she was gonna bus all the way to uptown which is more or less in my neighborhood. I picked her up from the bus hub in uptown and then we went to meet some more friends at restaurant Miami where I spend an absurb seven dollars on one 16oz. beer--the beer was six itself and since i had exactly seven dollars in cash i handed it all over. When i finally got back home i snacked on some previously purchased groceries and then headed off to bed.
Sunday saw minimal spending as there was not much for me to get into except watch the super bowl. I had some lasagna at home along with some mountain dew and then grabbed a couple beers and headed for a nearby friend's house to watch the Giants put shame to those rediculously wealthy Patriots. Alright!! After the game I headed back home without making even one purchase. I had some leftovers along with some juice before going to bed so aside from the givens--electric, gas, TV programming, heating oil--and some previously paid for groceries I had a very minimal day of consumption.
Come Monday a bit of money got spent. Had some cereal before heading to class; after class I drove to Borders in Rosedale Mall to look up a couple of books i need. They didn't have everything I needed and what they did have seemed rather pricey so I left after spending a mere $2.50 on some dark roast coffee. From there I went to Quizno's where I spent about $8.50 on a delicious sandwich. I made a couple more stops before heading back home for the night but consumption was not involved. Once home I logged on to Amazon.com and made my book purchases there totalling about $95. That's another $100+ day, I try to avoid them as much as possible but the occurence is inevitable. Will likely make some leftovers before I go bed tonight, otherwise that sums up my consumption through today.

February 2, 2008

Thu., Fri., Sat. Consumption

Just prior to logging on to make this entry i was shocked, as always, to realize just how fast my chekcin balance goes down. I don't even feel like I am spending that much, but everyday expenses really take a toll on the pocket book.
On Thursday I spend a little over eight dollars on some subway for lunch, went to the Mission kitchen and bar but my tab was taken care of by someone else fortunately, they wouldn't let me chip in anything so i lucked out; not only that but the guys I had joined are likely to hire me which is worlds better than the free drinks I got. After that I ended up at Wasabi with a group of friends and threw down seventeen dollars for two sushi rolls and some Sapporo, thank god for happy hour! Later that night I ended up haveing a sandwich, so just used up some of the groceries I had gotten previously.
Friday was a pretty subdued day all in all. Had some cereal in the morning and later went out to get a couple six packs of beer for about fifteen dollars. Other than that, I just continued to consume my food stores; it feels good when your not shelling out money on the spot to get somehting to eat all the time. But, then later, there is an eighty dollar shopping trip or so in order to stockpile again.
Today wasn't too bad either. I went to the store and spend twenty-one dollars on mostly cleaning supplies: Two hand soaps. somdex. TP and some trash bags. As far as edibles I just re-upped with some milk and juice. After that I went and spent some forty odd dollars on gas to fill up the car again and finished off the consumption--atleast up to this point--with some Leanne Chins, totalling about seven dollars. Sometime soon I will need to purchase a couple of books which will cost me, but nothing else so far today. Until tomorrow.

January 30, 2008

Am. Gladiator + Consumption Wed.

Watching the new American Gladiator, one notices the theatric components that can also be observed in the spectacle of professional wrestling. Every person on the show plays a character of some sort, intesity is highly dramatized and the "battles" are glorified.
The show begins with loud dramatic music accentuating an awesome show of flashing lights and a few pyrotechnics. The announcer's voice is clear and strong emphasizing specific syllables to maximize the excitement; and during the competition contact is glamourized, blown out of proportion in order to stimulate the crowd even more.
The gladiators are tough, strong and well-tuned individuals but the show makes them into ferocious, unstoppable battle-hardened warriors. This effect is greatly enhanced through the overly personified portrayal of the conestants. Each contestant's vignette informs viewers of their professions, hobbies, and families; soft, slow music such as a piano is played during these short introductions. On the exterior, it seems as though this show is pitting wimpy everyday people against dominating world-class warriors.
Each gladiator represents their own brand of toughness as well: Wolf is of darker complexion with mangy hair. He represents untamed fury of sorts. Another, Titan, is a massive, clean-cut, blond haired, fair skinned gladiator that endorses good sport but vows to leave no one an inch when it comes to the competition.
By glamourizing the whole event, classifying the athletes as one sort of powerful warrior or another, and personifying the contestants, American Gladiators is able to capture the audience and leave them wanting more.

Now on to consumption:

Tuesday, 1/29:
-Bowl of cereal
-Subway sub + chips + drink = $6
-New coat and gloves = $100
-Leftover Chinese food and 1 can of Mt. Dew
-Gas traveling from home to St. Paul Campus to Rosedale Mall and then back home.

Wednesday, 1/30
-Bowl of cereal
-Leanne Chin = $8
-1 can of Mt. Dew
-Gas: home, st. paul, quarry (LC), home.

**of course on both of these days, as like everyday, i am consuming electricity, heating oil, programming and commercials.

Yesterday involved some heavier spending than I would like ideally, but the new coat and gloves were necessary and fortunatlely, they are on super clearance ultra sale so I was able to keep my consumption down a little bit atleast. Today didn't see much action as far as consuming, but this weekend may, we will see.

January 28, 2008


Today was nice and warm in comparison to the last week or two so I was able to turn off my radiators altogether, no heating oil use today! Before my class today I just had a bowl of cereal and then headed out. Used up a little gas to and from St. Paul and after class I went to the car wash to get all that grime off, rust is a bitch and I am gonna keep my car as clean as possible in this cold weather to avoid it. The wash set me back four dollars and then I had to battle rush hour traffic on the streets and at Kowalski's Market in uptown. By the time I returned home I had spent $52.76 at the store for miscellaneous groceries. Aside from groceries and the car wash I just burned a bit of gas and some electricity back at the apartment. I think that another shopping trip will be necessary relatively soon because I did not get a lot of meal essentials, more snacks and drinks. All in all probably about a $60 day, so it could be a lot worse.

end Saturday + Sunday

Following my post yesterday I picked up some General Tso's Chicken from China express along with some crab rangoon, this all ended up costing me more than I would like--some thirteen dollars and change--but atleast there will be plenty of leftovers. In the end that saves a little gas. I also picked up a red box movie which will cost me a dollar per night; I'm aiming to have it for two.
After dinner I went to meet a good friend of mine that I hadn't seen in awhile and found myself at Blarney's. The parking situation was really rough and I easily burned a gallon of gas just driving around and around on the busy city streets. By the end of the night I had consumed 3 drinks: 2 for four bucks and one for two. Then a night cap at Mesa pizza: $3.

Today I was able to use a lot of leftovers and consumed one can of Dr. Pepper. There is stand up all day on TV so I have had that on most of the day in the background while I'm online or moving around the apartment; lots of electricity and program consumption throughout. I was able to stay in today, so didn't make much of a consumer impact. Of course there was money spent on the leftovers before this log existed, so it seems like a free lunch today. Soon I will have to make a trip to the grocery store and that will definitely cost me. Until then my consumer footprint stays relatively modest.

January 26, 2008

Consumption Recap

For the last couple of days, including toady, I have actually been consuming less than I normally do. Although I haven't been directly buying a lot of things, I have been consuming my fair share of cable. Yesterday helped me to realize how much of the media culture I actually do consume because my cable went out and I noticed a small void, as sad as that is.

Anyway, on Thursday I consumed a bowl of cereal and then went on my way to class, inevitably burning more gas than I would like--and of course driving puts wear and tear on the car that one day I will have to pay dearly for. I had a 20 oz. cherry coke for a dollar and two bags of chips, each also one dollar. Once i got home--after burning more gas of course--I ended up consuming a few slices of a large PIzza Luce wrangler pizza. Total cost with delivery was $30, this was split between a buddy and myself with a generous $8 tip for the delivery guy. With the pizza, I consumed a white russian. The whole time of course electricity is being consumed for light and television while heating oil keeps me warm. Donnie Darko director's cut was the movie choice--consumed previously by a friend of mine so this is a good excuse for me to say I am helping to reduce his consumption footprint.

Friday was a relatively laid back day. After realizing the cable didn't work I decided it to be a good idea to stay indoors and clean things up and put them away. Besides a couple of food items--some leftover hamburger helper, a can of mountain dew, a sandwich and unfortunately some McDonald's--not much else was consumed aside from the unavoidable use of electricity, gasoline and heating oil. I didn't really want McDonalds, but I wanted to get a cheap movie at the red box and decided it was too cold outside to deal with getting my movie, walking back to my car and then repeating the parking and walking at a different location.

Finally up to date now. It's Saturday and it has warmed up a bit so I am consuming less heating oil since my radiators are turned almost completely off. I have been consuming quite a bit of stand-up comedy on comedy central and of course all of the commercials that come with it. I consumed my usual bowl of cereal and then later whipped up a cream cheese bagel, some wheat thins and a can of Mt. Dew. I realize how awful Mt. Dew is for oneself but it has long been my favorite soda. The taste goes unmatched in the entire carbonated drink line up, it can't be helped. I already know this will be one of my most popularly consumed items, but long ago i did realize the ill effects of some 46 grams of sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup per can and have been quite successful in rationing myself to one can a day or less. I am also a big milk drinker and i have no problem with tap water so i aim to balance the healthy with the unhealthy. Up till this post, not much has been consumed, but I would imagine by the end of the night some kind of Chinese food and a beer or four might well be consumed. The final verdict will have to wait till later.