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Am. Gladiator + Consumption Wed.

Watching the new American Gladiator, one notices the theatric components that can also be observed in the spectacle of professional wrestling. Every person on the show plays a character of some sort, intesity is highly dramatized and the "battles" are glorified.
The show begins with loud dramatic music accentuating an awesome show of flashing lights and a few pyrotechnics. The announcer's voice is clear and strong emphasizing specific syllables to maximize the excitement; and during the competition contact is glamourized, blown out of proportion in order to stimulate the crowd even more.
The gladiators are tough, strong and well-tuned individuals but the show makes them into ferocious, unstoppable battle-hardened warriors. This effect is greatly enhanced through the overly personified portrayal of the conestants. Each contestant's vignette informs viewers of their professions, hobbies, and families; soft, slow music such as a piano is played during these short introductions. On the exterior, it seems as though this show is pitting wimpy everyday people against dominating world-class warriors.
Each gladiator represents their own brand of toughness as well: Wolf is of darker complexion with mangy hair. He represents untamed fury of sorts. Another, Titan, is a massive, clean-cut, blond haired, fair skinned gladiator that endorses good sport but vows to leave no one an inch when it comes to the competition.
By glamourizing the whole event, classifying the athletes as one sort of powerful warrior or another, and personifying the contestants, American Gladiators is able to capture the audience and leave them wanting more.

Now on to consumption:

Tuesday, 1/29:
-Bowl of cereal
-Subway sub + chips + drink = $6
-New coat and gloves = $100
-Leftover Chinese food and 1 can of Mt. Dew
-Gas traveling from home to St. Paul Campus to Rosedale Mall and then back home.

Wednesday, 1/30
-Bowl of cereal
-Leanne Chin = $8
-1 can of Mt. Dew
-Gas: home, st. paul, quarry (LC), home.

**of course on both of these days, as like everyday, i am consuming electricity, heating oil, programming and commercials.

Yesterday involved some heavier spending than I would like ideally, but the new coat and gloves were necessary and fortunatlely, they are on super clearance ultra sale so I was able to keep my consumption down a little bit atleast. Today didn't see much action as far as consuming, but this weekend may, we will see.