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Consumption Recap

For the last couple of days, including toady, I have actually been consuming less than I normally do. Although I haven't been directly buying a lot of things, I have been consuming my fair share of cable. Yesterday helped me to realize how much of the media culture I actually do consume because my cable went out and I noticed a small void, as sad as that is.

Anyway, on Thursday I consumed a bowl of cereal and then went on my way to class, inevitably burning more gas than I would like--and of course driving puts wear and tear on the car that one day I will have to pay dearly for. I had a 20 oz. cherry coke for a dollar and two bags of chips, each also one dollar. Once i got home--after burning more gas of course--I ended up consuming a few slices of a large PIzza Luce wrangler pizza. Total cost with delivery was $30, this was split between a buddy and myself with a generous $8 tip for the delivery guy. With the pizza, I consumed a white russian. The whole time of course electricity is being consumed for light and television while heating oil keeps me warm. Donnie Darko director's cut was the movie choice--consumed previously by a friend of mine so this is a good excuse for me to say I am helping to reduce his consumption footprint.

Friday was a relatively laid back day. After realizing the cable didn't work I decided it to be a good idea to stay indoors and clean things up and put them away. Besides a couple of food items--some leftover hamburger helper, a can of mountain dew, a sandwich and unfortunately some McDonald's--not much else was consumed aside from the unavoidable use of electricity, gasoline and heating oil. I didn't really want McDonalds, but I wanted to get a cheap movie at the red box and decided it was too cold outside to deal with getting my movie, walking back to my car and then repeating the parking and walking at a different location.

Finally up to date now. It's Saturday and it has warmed up a bit so I am consuming less heating oil since my radiators are turned almost completely off. I have been consuming quite a bit of stand-up comedy on comedy central and of course all of the commercials that come with it. I consumed my usual bowl of cereal and then later whipped up a cream cheese bagel, some wheat thins and a can of Mt. Dew. I realize how awful Mt. Dew is for oneself but it has long been my favorite soda. The taste goes unmatched in the entire carbonated drink line up, it can't be helped. I already know this will be one of my most popularly consumed items, but long ago i did realize the ill effects of some 46 grams of sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup per can and have been quite successful in rationing myself to one can a day or less. I am also a big milk drinker and i have no problem with tap water so i aim to balance the healthy with the unhealthy. Up till this post, not much has been consumed, but I would imagine by the end of the night some kind of Chinese food and a beer or four might well be consumed. The final verdict will have to wait till later.