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Today was nice and warm in comparison to the last week or two so I was able to turn off my radiators altogether, no heating oil use today! Before my class today I just had a bowl of cereal and then headed out. Used up a little gas to and from St. Paul and after class I went to the car wash to get all that grime off, rust is a bitch and I am gonna keep my car as clean as possible in this cold weather to avoid it. The wash set me back four dollars and then I had to battle rush hour traffic on the streets and at Kowalski's Market in uptown. By the time I returned home I had spent $52.76 at the store for miscellaneous groceries. Aside from groceries and the car wash I just burned a bit of gas and some electricity back at the apartment. I think that another shopping trip will be necessary relatively soon because I did not get a lot of meal essentials, more snacks and drinks. All in all probably about a $60 day, so it could be a lot worse.