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Sat. night + Sunday + Monday

Well, on saturday night i wasnt planning on going out anywhere but a good friend convinced me to since she was gonna bus all the way to uptown which is more or less in my neighborhood. I picked her up from the bus hub in uptown and then we went to meet some more friends at restaurant Miami where I spend an absurb seven dollars on one 16oz. beer--the beer was six itself and since i had exactly seven dollars in cash i handed it all over. When i finally got back home i snacked on some previously purchased groceries and then headed off to bed.
Sunday saw minimal spending as there was not much for me to get into except watch the super bowl. I had some lasagna at home along with some mountain dew and then grabbed a couple beers and headed for a nearby friend's house to watch the Giants put shame to those rediculously wealthy Patriots. Alright!! After the game I headed back home without making even one purchase. I had some leftovers along with some juice before going to bed so aside from the givens--electric, gas, TV programming, heating oil--and some previously paid for groceries I had a very minimal day of consumption.
Come Monday a bit of money got spent. Had some cereal before heading to class; after class I drove to Borders in Rosedale Mall to look up a couple of books i need. They didn't have everything I needed and what they did have seemed rather pricey so I left after spending a mere $2.50 on some dark roast coffee. From there I went to Quizno's where I spent about $8.50 on a delicious sandwich. I made a couple more stops before heading back home for the night but consumption was not involved. Once home I logged on to Amazon.com and made my book purchases there totalling about $95. That's another $100+ day, I try to avoid them as much as possible but the occurence is inevitable. Will likely make some leftovers before I go bed tonight, otherwise that sums up my consumption through today.