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Saturday - Wednesday

Saturday I didn't make any new purchases, I stayed home and rested and filled myself up on previously purchased food. Didn't go out anywhere because I had quite a few things to get done for the upcoming week and I wanted to stave off a relapse as best I could.
Sunday was virtually the same. I was able to get a fair amount of work done and managed to avoid the cold for the entire day. I had some leftovers and freezer meals as well as a bit of soup, mostly things that I purchased at the store when I made it out on Thursday.
Monday I slept in to continue avoiding any possible relapse--and I haven't gotten one up to this point so I think I'm doing alright. Traveled into campus and then made a quick stop in Dinkytown afterward. I finally dropped off the movies I rented the previous week and will end up paying $8 for the two. In the end, it cost me what it would have to go to a rental store or order the movies from Comcast so it's not so bad. Before heading home I picked up some Chinese food which set me back just over $10, but I will get leftovers from it and its delicious so that is perfectly alright.
Tuesday before class I drove to the Quarry to get some stuff printed at the CopyMax there. After that it was time for class. For lunch I spent $7 on some Subway, chips and a drink and then went over to Burger King on my way home from my second class. BK cost me $6 and wasn't that tasty, but so it goes. I had some leftover chinese before I headed for bed later on that night.
This morning I got up pretty early and headed over to my internship downtown. Parking set me back a rediculous $12 for just over three hours and that really sucked. I ended up getting some free coffe and pizza while working downtown and then headed back home for a little rest before zooming over to campus for class. After class I hung around the computer lab for an hour or so and then drove into Dinkytown to meet a friend for her birthday at Burrito Loco. I dropped $1.75 in quarters for parking, another $6 for some beer and then about $7 for a burrito. All-in-all I spent much more than I would have liked to today, but you can't keep it cheap every day of the week so it is what it is.