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Tues. + Wed. Consumption

Tuesday's consumption consisted mostly of a shopping trip in which I spent about $55. Aside from conditioner, everything I picked up was a food item of one variety or another. I got some ingredients to make spaghetti, i got some fish, couscous, chips and dip and a bertolli's frozen dinner. Prior to the shopping trip I had an oatmeal square for breakfast--not very tasty but quite good for you--and I purchased a bottle of cherry coke for a dollar and a quarter. To go with the coke was a leftover bag of chips, so nothing extra spent there. After shopping I went home and made some spaghetti which will work out to be quite a few meals for myself. Minus a little bit of TV watching, burning gas to get around town and consumption of already purchased goods that tops off Tuesday's consumption.
Today I didn't buy one thing, not even some chips or soda. I burned some gas to get to class, watched some TV, ate some chips and dip from the cupboard and had some leftover spaghetti. I am getting hungry again but I have a fair surplus of edibles here so those have already been paid for. It feels good to hang on to all my money for one day atleast. I will have to see what the next couple of days bring, but from what I can see I should be able to keep my spending down. Until next post....