February 15, 2008

Tuesday to present...

When I woke up on Tuesday I was completely drained. I had no energy, a very light head paired with a slight headache, non-stop chills with the occasional hot flash, slight body aches and a bit of nausea. I didn't even try and eat anything except a very seldom bite of cereal later in the day. I finally forced myself to eat a little soup--no chicken noodle though which was a bummer--and drank as much water as I could. All I could do was lay in bed or sit rather uncomfortably on my futon in the living room.
Wednesday was a bit better, some of my energy had returned, the light head/headache was almost completely gone, but the head congestion really started to hit me hard. I had gained a little bit of an appetite and managed to eat half a sandwich along with a little bit of cereal and other snack stuff. Continued to drink lots of water and remembered I had plenty of tea so I hit that hard with some honey added in to help the irritated throat.
Thursday I felt up to going out but figured it a bad idea to head to class as I was likely contagious; instead I headed to Boynton to see the doctor to make sure I was indeed getting better and if there was anything I could do to speed the recovery. Of course there is not much besides cold meds and plently of liquids so after the doctor's visit I made a quick trip to Rainbow and spent $44 on soup, non-acidic meals and some cold meds. After the trip I still had some energy so I dropped by McDonald's to get a couple movies which I've spent $4 on at this point--$2 a day for two movies--and also got a little bit of food for $4. Later that night I had some hearty chicken noodle soup which was exactly what I had been looking forward too. As usual I was drinking lots of water and tea all day. The cold pills helped only a little since they weren't over the counter. Fortunately my ex told me she had some pills in the apartment that work really well for colds and flu. I found those and they worked quite well, although it didn't fix everything.
Today I had some more soup, am continuing to drink water and tea and take my cold meds. I don't think I'm heading out for anything, I am more than ready to be better!! No more purchases today, I have plenty of food by now so that should last me for a bit. I remember the doc saying it usually takes the body 10-14 days to fight off a cold or flu virus entirely and it is not uncommon for a relapse to occur. I'm doing my best to avoid a relapse because I do not need to feel as crappy as I did on Monday night and Tuesday and I really hope my body can fight this off faster than 10 days because there is too much to get done! Well, I'll continue to get plenty of rest and fluids, thats as much as I can do. Until next time...