February 12, 2008

Thursday to Monday.. consumption

Thursday: Gas consumption on the way to and from St. Paul. For breakfast I had an oatmeal square which was previously purchased. I spent five dollars for lunch at Subway and just had some leftovers for dinner so food costs were very low. Unfortunately I had to spend $500 to help pay down my Best Buy credit card account which was used to purchase a computer.
On Friday I ate leftovers and previously purchased goods so food costs seemed free--of course they weren't in actuality. Later that night I traveled to the casino which burned a little gas; I lost about twenty dollars but enjoyed a very rare involvement in a live poker game so it was well worth it.
Saturday I spent $27 on groceries and stopped by the Bad Waitress on Eat Street to pick up an amazing sandwich and some coffee.
Fortunately, on Sunday I was able to stay indoors where the heat is so I definitely consumed a lot of programming, electricity and some heating oil. I had plenty of food so I didn't venture out at all.
Today I made my way downtown to meet with a company I will be doing some work with and from there headed to class. I thought I was going to get a ticket since I was 10 minutes late getting back to my car--fortunately there wasn't but I spent $2.25 in quarters to accrue just over an hour of parking time which is simply insane. After class I headed to Leanne Chins and for about $6.5 got some mongolian and sesame chicken. I washed that down with a mountain dew once i got home and fell asleep. Now I feel really crappy and I'm thinking I must have picked up something at the casino Friday because I have no energy, a combination light head and headache and am constantly getting chills. Now it's time to get some good sleep (hopefully) so that I can fight whatever this is off as soon as possible. Until later this week!