February 25, 2008

Wed. through Monday

Last Thursday was a pretty low cost day. I had some Subway for lunch which was about $7. Beyond that it was the usual drive to and from school along with a bit of TV watching. A pretty boring Thursday overall.
Friday was actually kinda warm, great news! Was actually able to turn down the radiators a bit and had to crack the window open a sliver for some fresh air. In the morning I headed downtown to my internship and shelled out $12 for parking. I also spent $7 on some Taco Bell because it was convenient and it holds fond memories for me as hard as that may be to believe. I spent a little on gas going from place to place and ended up headin to campus quick for a meeting with Jasper. On the way back I dropped by the car wash and spent $4 saving my car from the awful winter grime and salt assault. That night I headed downtown for a friend's birthday celebration. I dropped $30 at Nami Sushi and then we headed over to the Shout House where I dropped about $23. Headed over to Drink just to dance a bit and then hailed a cab home which was $4 for me with the rest split amongst a couple others.
Saturday was mostly a non-event, allowing myself to recover from the previous night. I had some leftovers and otherwise previously bought food and didn't end up traveling much of anywhere so it was a good balance to Friday's wel-worth-it spending spree.
Sunday involved a Wendy's purchase for me and a friend - $12.60 - since he was helping me set up my computer for the workplace. After that I headed to Rainbow for a brief shopping trip that set me back about $35. From there I went home and enjoyed some of the food recently purchased.
Today involved a trip downtown, $12 for parking, trip back home; Had some Cousins for lunch - $5 - and then traveled into campus for class. After that I headed home and had some leftovers for dinner. That's about it for now.