January 28, 2008

end Saturday + Sunday

Following my post yesterday I picked up some General Tso's Chicken from China express along with some crab rangoon, this all ended up costing me more than I would like--some thirteen dollars and change--but atleast there will be plenty of leftovers. In the end that saves a little gas. I also picked up a red box movie which will cost me a dollar per night; I'm aiming to have it for two.
After dinner I went to meet a good friend of mine that I hadn't seen in awhile and found myself at Blarney's. The parking situation was really rough and I easily burned a gallon of gas just driving around and around on the busy city streets. By the end of the night I had consumed 3 drinks: 2 for four bucks and one for two. Then a night cap at Mesa pizza: $3.

Today I was able to use a lot of leftovers and consumed one can of Dr. Pepper. There is stand up all day on TV so I have had that on most of the day in the background while I'm online or moving around the apartment; lots of electricity and program consumption throughout. I was able to stay in today, so didn't make much of a consumer impact. Of course there was money spent on the leftovers before this log existed, so it seems like a free lunch today. Soon I will have to make a trip to the grocery store and that will definitely cost me. Until then my consumer footprint stays relatively modest.