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Analysis: Attribution

The headline for this story reads "2 dead in helicopter crash into Wis. house." It was written by an AP reporter and posted on Google News.

There are a lot of sources used in the story about a helicopter crash in Wis. In fact, there are seven total.

Most of the sources of information are from actual people, and most of those people are named. A police Sgt., a meteorologist, a neighbor, a Federal Aviation Administration spokesman, an airport operations supervisor, and an air safety inspector for the National Transportation Safety Board are all listed within the story by first and last name. The other source is the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, who the neighbor in the story originally spoke to, so AP had to list it.

Most of the attributions follow the “______ said� format. The attributions are scattered throughout the story, with about one per paragraph, so the story is not confusing or difficult to follow.