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Biden accuses McCain campaign of using personal attacks on Obama

Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden accused the McCain campaign Sunday at a rally in Scranton, Pennsylvania of launching "unbecoming personal attacks" at Barack Obama, the Star Tribune reported.

At a sports arena packed with about 6,000 people, Biden said the attacks are an attempt to distract Americans from their economic woes and that John McCain's campaign is desperate to change the subject from the financial crisis.

"Every single false charge, every single baseless accusation is a simple attempt to get you to focus on something other than what's affecting your family and your country," Biden said.

Biden was joined on stage by former President Clinton and Sen. Hillary Clinton.

The economic situation may have helped Obama move up in polls in Pennsylvania over the past few weeks. He now has a double-digit lead over McCain in the state.

Republican vice presidential candidate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, is scheduled to campaign in the city on Tuesday.