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Presidential candidates campaign in swing states

Senators John McCain and Barack Obama spent Saturday campaigning in western tossup states the New York Times reported.

Down in the polls, the campaign in the undecided states is crucial to McCain to help gain supporters and improve his chances at securing a win.

The candidates focused on Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico, the New York Times reported.

Because of Obama's lead, the candidate has been able to focus more of his time in the Southwest.

McCain and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton each held rallies Saturday in New Mexico.

Obama returned to the campaign in New Mexico after visiting his ill grandmother in Hawaii for a day.

Both Clinton and Obama urged people to vote early so that they can volunteer on Election Day and get younger voters to the polls.

“We’re going to have to work, and struggle and fight for every single one of those 10 days to move our country in a new direction,? Obama said, speaking at a baseball stadium. “We cannot let up, and we won’t.?