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Minneapolis rally protests gay marriage bans

To protest gay marriage bans passed in California and other states, more than 700 people gathered in downtown Minneapolis Saturday, the Star Tribune reported.

The people gathered on the plaza of the Hennepin County Government Center to express their opposition to the constitutional amendments in California, Florida and Arizona prohibiting gay marriage.

"It's really sad that this is even an issue at all," Atkins, 21, a University of Minnesota student from Eau Claire, Wis., said before the rally. "Love is something we all experience in our own way and it's very unfortunate that certain people think there should be a right way and a wrong way to love."

Protests have also been held at the Capitol in St. Paul, Duluth and in cities across the country.

"From Golden Gate Park to Loring Park, we will step together until this battle is won," Minneapolis City Council Member Gary Schiff told the crowd at the government center. "We will not forget the tens of thousands of gay couples who had their loves erased in California."

Although some of the demonstrations in California have been angry, representatives of Join the Impact, which organized Saturday's demonstrations, asked supporters to be respectful.