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Old landfill slows plans for new highway

Hennepin County road workers uncovered an old landfill, delaying reconstruction of Goose Lake Road along Elm Creek Regional Park, the Star Tribune reported.

The landfill , found under the Goose Lake Road bed north of 109th Av. N., contains waste from households and farms, some of which might be toxic, and could date back to the early 1900s, project supervisor Don Hannan said.

The discovery could add an additional $700,000 in cleanup costs to the already $2 million budget of the reconstruction.

Already $25,000 has been spent on drilling test holes and hauling six truckloads of waste to an Iowa landfill, Hannan said.

More test holes will be drilled this week to determine the size of the dump.

The mile-long road project is almost complete. It has been closed since May, but is to reopen this month with an 800-foot detour around the dump. It will close again for several months when work resumes this spring, Hannan said.