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Thai protesters surround Parliament

Thousands of anti-government protesters surrounded Thailand's Parliament in Bangkok Monday as their final act to oust the government, the Associated Press reported.

The protesters, who call themselves the People's Alliance for Democracy, blocked the gates to the Parliament, trying to prevent lawmakers from entering. They also tried to cut electrical wires to create a blackout before the session began.

They initially had the protest to block Parliament from debating a bill to rewrite the constitution. The issue was dropped and lawmakers instead met to debate legislation related to a regional summit.

Protesters accuse former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra of corruption and abuse of power, and claim the constitution bill would help him make a comeback.

Thaksin is in exile, a fugitive because he was convicted last month of violating a conflict of interest law.

"I'm very scared. But it is time that we win this," said a protester, Wimon Sricarak. "We have been attacked, our friends have died, and all because they want to protect Thaksin."