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Uncounted ballots unlikely to reverse gay-marriage ban

With 2.7 million ballots still uncounted in Calif., Proposition 8, the statewide ban on gay marriage, is unlikely to be reversed with its lead of more than half a million votes, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Those 2.7 million ballots remained to be counted as of late Friday, according to the California secretary of state's office.

The estimate is from the state's 58 county registrars.

The complete list is available on the secretary of state's Web site.

Last week, the Los Angeles Times reported that at least 1.7 million ballots remained outstanding. Since then, several counties have increased their estimates.

Te uncounted ballots are unlikely to reverse the ban because, as of Saturday morning, the secretary of state reported "5,661,583 votes in favor and 5,154,457 opposed, for a margin of just more than half a million votes."

In order to reverse that result, opponents would have to win more than 59% of the uncounted ballots. So far they have won only 47.6% of the vote, so it is unlikely the remaining uncounted ballots will be very different from those counted.