January 26, 2006

I went with Site5...so far so good

In my previous entry, I talked about the frustrating process of trying to pick a web host. I said that I was close to deciding between site5.com and hostgator.com. Well, I went with Site5.com. I signed up online, and didn't receive a confirmation email for almost 24 hours. That led me to immediately wonder if I had made a mistake by choosing them. I checked their forums and others were experiencing the same wait. So I waited patiently and soon after I received a welcome email, login instructions and so forth within 24 hours. I then uploaded my main site to site5, and then went into my domain registrar website and pointed it to site5.com's server. I waited til the next day for the domain to propagate. The next morning I woke up and tried to access my site, but it was down. The domain had propagated but nothing was showing up on the web. When I directly navigated to the IP address where my site is at Site5.com, I could see it, but with the domain name, nothing. So I emailed support, and got a very quick reply, and they very quickly fixed the problem so that my website was working. I've since uploaded a second site, which let me see how it works to have more than one domain, with Site5's proprietary control panel.

So far I am very happy with Site5. After the initial bump in the road with transfering my domain, everything has been very smooth. And Site5's support was very helpful and quick in resolving the problem I had. It's unreasonable to expect to never experience a problem; so the usefulness of their forum and their quickness in resolving the problem I had make me feel good about their service so far. After a month or so with them, I would definitely recommend them to others.

Beforehand, I worried about their proprietary control panel. Turns out it is in fact based on cpanel, and so far I like it. I also really like being able to set up 5 different domains as their own separate sites with their own control panels. Very nice. I'll write more if there's more to write, but if I don't address this again, you can assume that I'm still satisfied with Site5. I'm considering getting a reseller account to provide hosting for some other projects I'm involved with. I'll write about that if I go there.

Posted by sigal003 at January 26, 2006 2:21 PM