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The Move to Artist-Led....

my thoughts and questions

Well i would like to start off saying that this was very informative to me. i am some one who knows very little about this stuff so i was intrested in this reading.. i believe the article is about the changes in the music industry and how it will effect the market structure. Alot of the information presented went right over my head. Will we be Learning all of this stuff??
Question: So if the artist can do-it-themselves then where does that leave the record labels??
Oh they have to compete with the record labels and producers themselves.?. then the artist wouldn't need them and therefore make more money for themselves. you state that the record labels would lose the money if this was to happen. thats too bad. well they could do the online things for the artist that way the record labels will still have a job..and they would be able to service the newer artists like it says in the discussion part of the paper..
Question: What about an ordinary person who like to make music of their own? can they create a song or songs and do this too? or is it just for already know artists?
What are you can be done with P2P we all know its happening? can it be stopped?

soome of these questions i just don't know how to answer.. sorry maybe you can help??