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Audibles idea seemed like it was such i good idea.. they seem to have everything that you would need to make the customers happy.. why is it they failed.. what went so wrong...

well i think it failed becuase in 1995 i was just getting started using the internet a lot. i never knew about audible.com i had only heard about Napster and KaZaA, instant messanger, msn encata... i didn't really know a whole lot more at the time. so i think it failed because it was so new.. in 1995 i don't think they had things like ipods and mp3.. they just weren't that important.. audible.com was ahead of the times i would say... but when i look at the article it just doesn't make any sence because they had in increase of listeners and they had some major shareholders. i don't understand how the share of stock went from $1 to 0.50 when the company was doing so well..