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Adding a new field to the dspace database

In the file ./config/dspace.cfg one finds:

search.index.1 = author:dc.contributor.*

search.index.2 = author:dc.creator.*

search.index.3 = title:dc.title.*

search.index.4 = keyword:dc.subject.*

search.index.5 = abstract:dc.description.abstract

search.index.6 = author:dc.description.statementofresponsibility

search.index.7 = series:dc.relation.ispartofseries

search.index.8 = abstract:dc.description.tableofcontents

search.index.9 = mime:dc.format.mimetype

search.index.10 = sponsor:dc.description.sponsorship

search.index.11 = identifier:dc.identifier.*

search.index.12 = language:dc.language.iso

search.index.13 = date:dc.date.issued

I added the line that is bolded.

After this line is added you must run:

ant init_configs -- update the config system

ant install_code -- compile the indexer code

And then the script below to reindex lucence:


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