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Data files for dspace

Location in Odin to svn source files

Get data files from odin and loading them in the database

scp -r silvi003@odin.lib.umn.edu:/mnt/agecon_export/dc_mixed_nodata .

Loading the files used the command:
./dsrun edu.umn.dspace.administer.BatchImporter -R -a -e silvi003@umn.edu -s /Users/silvi003/dc_mixed_data/dc_mixed_nodata

I tried to change the code:

In DSIndexer class setting
wipe_existing = true;
Usually false. allowed the program to run much longer.

now it dies with:

Exception in thread "main" java.sql.SQLException: bad_dublin_core SchemaID=1, contributor author_contact
at org.dspace.content.Item.update(Item.java:1468)
at org.dspace.content.InstallItem.installItem(InstallItem.java:146)
at edu.umn.dspace.administer.BatchImporter.addItem(BatchImporter.java:670)
at edu.umn.dspace.administer.BatchImporter.addItems(BatchImporter.java:557)
at edu.umn.dspace.administer.BatchImporter.createCommunityStructure(BatchImporter.java:430)
at edu.umn.dspace.administer.BatchImporter.createCommunityStructure(BatchImporter.java:500)
at edu.umn.dspace.administer.BatchImporter.main(BatchImporter.java:267)


2007-10-09 10:12:51,407 WARN org.dspace.content.Item @ silvi003@umn.edu::bad_dc:Bad DC field.
SchemaID=1, element: "contributor" qualifier: "author_contact" value: "Paterson,
Anna (anna@areu.org.af)"

Brad was able to edit the files and get some of the data to load. The word "urban" produced a useful search.

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