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December 21, 2007

iTunes U metadata inadequate

Attached below is the "iTunes U Administrator's Guide" dated June 8, 2007. If you look in the index, the only pages referenced under the term metadata are pages 37 and 38. On page 37 it explains how the word "Album" can be replaced with the word "Course". Likewise "Artist" can be replaced with "Instructor name". This seems to be the extend of its ability to modify metadata which of course does not meet the needs of a library. iTunes_U_AdminGuide.pdf

Java classes to test fedora server

Compile the java class SimpleClient.java with the class FedoraSOAPClient.java in the same directory. That is take the steps:

$> CLASSPATH=/usr/local/fedora/client/fedora-client.jar:.
$> javac SimpleClient.java
$> java SimpleClient

this should produce like this result

December 4, 2007

Location of pdfs after dspace submit

After the dspace submit process, the pdfs are sent to the directory:


and are given cryptic names like:


97935760829952567360200962040412392397 is a pdf file.

files modified for sort (final ingest into UDC)

Last week I did an svn commit to update UDC so that it would sort.
here are the files that were modified
M config/dspace.cfg
M src/org/dspace/app/webui/servlet/SimpleSearchServlet.java
M src/org/dspace/search/DSQuery.java
M src/edu/umn/dspace/app/webui/jsptag/ItemListTag.java
M jsp/local/browse/items-by-date.jsp
M jsp/local/browse/items-by-subject.jsp
M jsp/local/browse/items-by-title.jsp
M jsp/local/browse/items-by-author.jsp
M jsp/local/search/results.jsp
M jsp/layout/location-bar.jsp

The two files below were modified during an earlier ingest:

see note of November 07, 2007