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files modified for sort (final ingest into UDC)

Last week I did an svn commit to update UDC so that it would sort.
here are the files that were modified
M config/dspace.cfg
M src/org/dspace/app/webui/servlet/SimpleSearchServlet.java
M src/org/dspace/search/DSQuery.java
M src/edu/umn/dspace/app/webui/jsptag/ItemListTag.java
M jsp/local/browse/items-by-date.jsp
M jsp/local/browse/items-by-subject.jsp
M jsp/local/browse/items-by-title.jsp
M jsp/local/browse/items-by-author.jsp
M jsp/local/search/results.jsp
M jsp/layout/location-bar.jsp

The two files below were modified during an earlier ingest:

see note of November 07, 2007

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