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Changes to AGEcon Submit -- First Set of Changes

I) Fields to add

1) Items to modify

Here are all the meta data for the agecon project The items labeled must be added to the submit form.
These items are:
A) hasEndPage
B) hasStartPage
C) ispartofname
D) ispartofnumber
C) ispartoftitle
D) ispartofvolume

B) Changes to the java code

Needed to modify the code shown below in from the Item.java class : public DCValue[] getDC(String element, String qualifier, String lang) { DCValue[] MetaData = getMetadata(MetadataSchema.DC_SCHEMA, element, qualifier, lang); if (MetaData.length == 0) MetaData = getMetadata("agecon", element, qualifier, lang); // return getMetadata(MetadataSchema.DC_SCHEMA, element, qualifier, lang); return MetaData; } This allows the software to recognize both agecon elements and dc, so the items will appear in in the verify step.

2) Making changers so that new items appear in search

A) In the file /config/dspace.cfg add lines to webui.itemdisplay.default so that it has the form below: webui.itemdisplay.default = dc.title, dc.title.alternative, \ dc.contributor.author, \ agecon.contributor.authorContact, \ dc.contributor.editor, \ agecon.contributor.editorContact, \ dc.subject, dc.date.issued(date), \ dc.relation.ispartofseries, \ dc.description.abstract, \ dc.description, \ agecon.relation.ispartoftitle, \ agecon.relation.ispartofnumber, \ agecon.relation.ispartofvolume, \ agecon.relation.ispartofname, \ agecon.format.hasStartPage, \ agecon.format.hasEndPage, \ dc.format.extent, \ dc.relation B) In the file config/language-packs/Messages.properties add: metadata.agecon.relation.ispartoftitle = Journal Title metadata.agecon.relation.ispartofnumber = Journal Number metadata.agecon.relation.ispartofvolume = Journal Volume metadata.agecon.relation.ispartofname = Journal Issue metadata.agecon.format.hasStartPage = From Page metadata.agecon.format.hasEndPage = To Page

All the new items are now visible in the dspace search.

II) Move License to the front

In the file item-submission.xml create a new Submisssion Processs with the license first. Make this submission process thew default.

III) Combine two description pages

By eliminating the xml below that separated two description pages (in the file input-forms.xml). I was able to combine two of the description pages. </page> <page number="2">

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