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Plan to add email field to name type in dspace submit

Currently the name type that is used to generate forms in dspace has two text fields (first and last name). We need a third field for email and below are the steps that must be taken to create this field.


1) Copy edit-metadata.jsp to local -> confirm that new jsp is "live"

2) Confirm edu.umn.dspace.submit.step.DescribeStep is alive

3) Make "email_name" type from "name" type ... do not modify any code in "email_name" yet

4) Drop DCPersonName in "email_name" replace with string

5) Add three text fields to "email_name" in edit-metadata.jsp

6) Fix string in "email_name" code in edu.umn.dspace.submit.step.DescribeStep to handle 3rd field

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