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Process to do an itemexport for a collection in dspace

There is a way to extract items in a collection from dspace so that they have the form of a plane pdf and a flat xml files. This directories can be batch ingested back into dspace or another repository.

Finding a collection's ID

The file below shows how to find a collection's ID in dspace. getCollectionID

Brad Teal's filter_media.sh script

The filter-media.sh script will find all the handles of all the collections.

Execute the command to extract the data

[silvi003 /dspace/dspace-ir/bin]$ ./dsrun org.dspace.app.itemexport.ItemExport -t COLLECTION -i 29 -d /dspace/assetstore/udc_export/ima/ -n 0

Resulting Directory Structure

Resulting directories from ItemExport command.

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