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June 23, 2008

Getting basic axis soap client (CalcClient) to work.

For the axis 1.4 soap client (samples.userguide.example2.CalcClient) to work I had to do the following:

No Problem with server

I copied Calculate.java tomcat/webapps/axis/Calculate.jws and it worked just fine.

The following URLs give the right answer:

Issues with the client

1) Change the build.xml file so that it did not exclude CalcClient.

2) Download two additional jars:

This eliminated the message:
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: samples/userguide/example2/CalcClient

3) Changed the names of some of the jars that are in the $AXISCLASSPATH. The correct names are:

Some of the names on the AXIS install page are wrong. For instance $AXIS_LIB/commons-discovery.jar is listed while it really should be: $AXIS_LIB/commons-discovery-0.2.jar
4) Moved activation.jar and mail.jar to my $AXIS_LIB (/usr/local/axis-1_4/lib). And made a new $AXISCLASSPATH: yielding the nice result


java -cp .:$AXISCLASSPATH samples.userguide.example2.CalcClient add 8 34
Got result : 42

Useful Links

Creating Web Services with Apache Axis

June 20, 2008

Host Based Access on Postgres and DSPACE ... pg_hba.conf

The pg_hba.conf file controls remote access to postgres.
On strip 3 of our DSPACE instance there are two of these files:


/var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf is the live one.

June 18, 2008

SQL select to get author handle data_issued and title from the postgres DB

select itemsbytitle.title , handle.handle, itemsbydate.date_issued , itemsbyauthor.author
from (( itemsbytitle
INNER JOIN handle ON itemsbytitle.item_id = handle. resource_id)
INNER JOIN itemsbydate ON itemsbydate.item_id = itemsbytitle.item_id)
INNER JOIN itemsbyauthor ON itemsbyauthor.item_id = itemsbytitle.item_id
where resource_id = 8137;

June 12, 2008

Information on Journal in AgEcon from Brad Teale

Hi Jeff, The Journal listing is created in the Community.java class under org/dspace/content. It is using the following SQL statement: SELECT DISTINCT(community.community_id), name, short_description, introductory_text, logo_bitstream_id, copyright_text, side_bar_text FROM community, community2item WHERE community2item.item_id IN (SELECT item_id FROM metadatavalue WHERE metadata_field_id=(SELECT metadata_field_id FROM metadatafieldregistry WHERE element='type' AND qualifier IS NULL) AND text_value IN ('Journal Article', 'Submitted Journal Article')) AND community.community_id=community2item.community_id ORDER BY (name) ASC; Basically, it is looking in the metadatafieldregistry table for element=type and an empty qualifier with a text_value of either: Journal Article or Submitted Journal Article. These were the terms defined during the initial requirements gathering of these pages. If something else is defined as a Journal type it does require a code change. It would be nice to move these text_value values into the configuration so changes don't require code modifications. Let me know if you have additional questions. Brad