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1) Try out fedora throw away repository

2) User is a throw away class (for an example)

3) Use LDAP to connect




Can put policy in the policy folder

Can put policy in special stream for digital object


Drama Australia turned off XACML muradora ... GUI dropped

PEP policy enforcement point - filters Shubobolith or LDAP

hard to install

PDP servelet filters (keeps policies in DBXML) webservices

email them to see if they are still suporting PEP and PDP

Need to have the information in LDAP accessible directory

Fedora out of the box does not support privileges for collections:
Fedora XACML Vocabulary


gSearch's solr will automatically rebuild the indices, if the system burns down.
If the FOXML schema is changed gSearch will keep up.


How much do you want to use rels-ext. If you don't want to have multiple steps. You can just index it under Solr.
Don't need to search to find pages in a bok.

Book maintains ordering of the pages. Not stored in a page.

Really don't need RISEARCH



Everything called a page has JPEG 2000, Tiff. Want to generate a thumbnail (just an example).

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