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Analysis of Apache/Catalina AgEcon Records for

Breakdown of log entries by type

I looked at the catalina.out log records for 2008-09-21. These logs are in the file: catalina.out_2008-09-21 (because of the way that the files are backed up the log entries only extend to 11:30 PM). From these entries, I made a list of log entries by type: BreakDownOfAgEconLog_2008_09_21.html It is worth noting that of the 62K hits only 20 came from "SimpleSearch". That is only 20 users went to our search engine and the rest searched through google or are robots.

Log types that are required for stats

Jason Roy and I agree that the following log types are need for stats.
Log Name Number in Log Found Apache Match Apache needs SQL
view_bitstream 10772 Y Y
view_item 4462 Y N
view_collection 2084 Y Y
view_community 582 Y Y
The "Apache needs SQL" column indicates whether it is required to use information from the dspace SQL database to map the apache logs to dspace catalina logs. Also the term "view_bitstream" corresponds to download.

How apache logs map to catalina logs

To take care of some issues in the catalina logs, I am going to use apache logs. Here are examples of the log entries for both apache and catalina for all of the critical log types given in the table above. There are also catalina examples for almost all the types.


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