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OAI on odin

Activating the OAI harvester

I have enabled the OAI harvester for the dspace instance on the odin box. I needed to make the oai_dc metadata available. To do this I copied the file:


and returned the contents of this file to its original form (i.e. revision 1). Note: in this default state the file oaicat.properties has the line:
Crosswalks.oai_dc=org.dspace.app.oai.OAIDCCrosswalk uncommented.
I also removed the replace task from the build.xml file in the dspace-sr instance. Although for several months the OAI harvestor has been operational, the changes mean that the dspace-ir (UDC) and the dspace-sr (AgEcon) invoke the OAI system in an identical fashion.

Hyperlinks to call OAI verbs

Hyperlinks to development server on odin

The URL below returned all the metadata:

This URL will return all the metadata since 2008-04-15:

The next URL returns the data between 2008-04-15 and 2008-04-20

Hyperlinks to live box


Nice hyperlinks to live box

has been aliased to

has been aliased to

These are much nicer to look at.

So the urls below will work.

Issues with OAI harvester on DSPACE

Elements in the AgEcon schema are not displayed

Only the AgEcon metadata that are Dublin Core are displayed by the OAI harvester
Note in the table from the link above:  
metadata_schema_id = 1 is dc schema
metadata_schema_id = 2 is agecon schema

The elements of the AgEcon schema are not displayed by the current crosswalk and a new crosswalk would have to be written.

Crosswalk is not qualified Dublin Core

The crosswalk from the dspace archive to the OAI output is Dublin Core not qualified Dublin Core (note the metadataPrefix=oai_dc in the OAI requests above).
So the values:
 date        | accessioned | Date DSpace takes possession of item.
 date        | available        | Date or date range item became available to the public.
 date        | issued    
are all mapped to the tag <dc:date> In this OAI output sample , I have pointed out which OAI <dc:date> tags correspond to the various qualified Dublin Core dates. I did an sql query on item 2 to find the actual values for the different date fields.
I could try to find a caned crosswalk for DSPACE to qualified DC. I have briefly looked for this several people say it would be a good thing but I have not found anyone who has done this. Hard to say how long this would take, but it is possible that no one has done it.

Update oaicat.jar

I did an update on oaicat.jar. It turns out that this both versions of the jar work, so I stayed with the more recent version. The manifests form both jars are given here.

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