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June 26, 2009

changing feedback email in dspace

The code for creating an email for feedback in dspace only allows 1 recipient: Email email = ConfigurationManager.getEmail("feedback"); email.addRecipient(ConfigurationManager.getProperty ("feedback.recipient")); While the email for admin allows a comma separated list of recipients: String AdminEmail = ConfigurationManager.getProperty("admin.emails"); String EmailsAddresses[] = AdminEmail.split(","); for (int i = 0; i < EmailsAddresses.length ; i++) { email.addRecipient(EmailsAddresses[i]); } I took parts of the admin code and applied it to the feedback part of dspace. Now feedback email supports a comma separated list of email recipients.

June 12, 2009

SQL to get number of new items in DSPACE after a certain date

select count(date_accessioned) from ItemsByDateAccessioned where date_accessioned > '2008-07-01'::DATE ;

June 2, 2009

Looking for non unicode characters in AgEcon metadata

Problem and general solution

Some non unicode characters have gotten into the dspace metadata. We need to find them. I will print out the meta data fields to an file of the form below. <doc> text from metadata pull </doc> Then I will run the file through xmllint.

sql needed

The line below will get all the valid item_ids.
SELECT item.item_id from item, handle where handle.resource_id=item.item_id;

The line below will pull a metadata field for a given item id.
select text_value from metadatavalue where metadata_field_id=43 AND item_id=36450;
For this query, the Series/Report will be obtained for an item with item_id=36450.

Metadata fields to check

metadata_field_id name
3 author
15 date issued
25 uri
27 abstract
40 Institution/Association
43 Series/Report
57 Keyword
63 JEL Codes
64 Title
67 email
This list came from AgEconMetadata.htm