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David Naughton gave me some fast perl code for hashes

#!/exlibris/sfx_ver/sfx_version_3/app/perl-5.8.6/bin/per use strict; use warnings; # Takes export file from SFX and generates host definitions to append to # the ezproxy.cfg file. # Open SFX export file for manipulation my $sfx_url_file = shift @ARGV; open (my $fh_sfx, '<', $sfx_url_file) or die "File Open Failed: $!"; # get hostnames into a hash my %hostnames; while (<$fh_sfx>) { my $line = $_; next if $line =~ /^#/; my ($sfx_target, $sfx_url) = split /\t/, $line; if ($sfx_url =~ m/\:\/\/(.*?)\//) { # Hash keys are always unique, so if a key for $1 # already exists, this line will clobber its value: $hostnames{$1} = undef; # If you want to keep track of how many times each # hostname appears, you can use this magic: # $hostnames{$1}++; # More verbose version of the code above: # if (!(exists $hostnames{$1})) { # $hostnames{$1} = 0; # } # $hostnames{$1} = $hostnames{$1} + 1; } } # print each unique hash key, with some added text for my $hostname (keys %hostnames) { print "HJ $hostname\n"; } # close file handle close $fh_sfx or die "File Close Failed: $!";

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