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February 18, 2010

Script to curl a list of files

#!/bin/bash if [ ! -d ./dayofpeace ] ; then mkdir ./dayofpeace fi while read inf do curl "http://URL/path/$inf" > "$inf" done << EOF dayofpeace/00612.tif dayofpeace/00613.tif dayofpeace/00614.tif dayofpeace/00615.tif

February 10, 2010

Very simple pojo example for an axis2 webservice


Below are three critical files to writing a simple pojo for AXIS2. The files are listed just to get a feel for the system. At the bottom is a tarball with an ant build file in it. If you want to actually use this download the tarball and install axis2 under tomcat.

The webservice pojo

The user needs to create a pojo that will be made into an aar file. An example is: UMN_CMA_Service.java. This has a java method with two strings as arguments and returns a string.

The rpc client

Here is a client that will talk to the webservice after it has been deployed. UMN_CMA_ServiceRPCClient.html The client bundles up two strings and ships them to the webservice.


There is also an xml config file. You must add a row to to this file for each method you create: services.html

Tarball for the client/webservice

Download this to run the example: