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Documentation of php code to query DSPACE DB

Code Purpose Documentation complete
port_meta_field_uniq_count.php Get a count of the unique
values for a field (metadata_id)
port_file_handles_to_meta.php Take a file of DSPACE handles and dump
the associated metadata to an excel file
port_DSPACE_sql.inc.php Set of utility functions no
port_metadata_id_to_full_table.php Finds all the metadata associated with non null
values of a metadata id e.g dc.subject.mesh has a metadat_id of 62
./port_metadata_id_to_full_table.php 62
will make an excel spreadsheet of all the
metadata where dc.subject.mesh
is not null
port_metadata_count.php Gives a count of occurrences of a metadata text field
port_sql_column_diff.php Does a diff between two SQL columns no

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