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December 29, 2010

Environment variables on windows 2008 box

How to find the Environment variable menu in windows 2008


Administration Tools

System Configuration


System Properties (Launch)

Advanced Settings

Environment Variables

December 20, 2010

AgEcon handle 93411 messed up ... reingest

The handle 93411 had no uri metadata and Louise could not open it in an agecon browser window. Here is a message that I sent to Louise

Louise, I have spent some time on this problem. It turns out that 93411 has no uri entry. I fixed this, but the item would not appear in DSPACE. I then found that it was not in any collection. I also fixed this but was again unable to display the item. Something is deeply sick with this item. I have extracted all the meta data and the pdf. I suggest that you reingest it into DSPACE. When you are done I will delete the 93411.


Here are the files that I sent her.

The metadata fields for 93411 in an excel file

A pdf of the asset for 93411

Some SQL along the way:

Find the metadata_field_id

select metadata_field_id text_value from handle, metadatavalue where metadatavalue.item_id=handle.resource_id AND handle=93411;

The value for this is: 46277

Insert a uri and a community:

INSERT INTO metadatavalue (item_id , metadata_field_id , text_value , text_lang , place) VALUES (46277,25,'http://purl.umn.edu/93411',' ', 1);

INSERT INTO communities2item (community_id , item_id) VALUES (312,46277);

THese failed to make 93411 visible.

Find the bitstream.

select bitstream.bitstream_id from handle,item2bundle,bundle2bitstream,bitstream where handle.resource_id=item2bundle.item_id AND item2bundle.bundle_id=bundle2bitstream.bundle_id AND bundle2bitstream.bitstream_id=bitstream.bitstream_id AND handle= 93411;

Here is a weird bitstream that I found. The pdf above is a rename of this weird bitstream.

bitstream_id | bitstream_format_id | name | size_bytes | checksum | checksum_algorithm | description | user_format_description | source | internal_id | deleted | store_number | sequence_id
62283 | 3 | aar11.12-g.pdf | 350991 | a8f946880c52a2ca33ebd8a3992bfdc3 | MD5 | | | /dspace/assetstore/dspace-sr/upload/d:\我的文档\上传文件\十一十二上传\aar11.12-g.pdf | 102022284912009077416587006709868722823 | f | 0 | 2

December 8, 2010

SQL to find handles that correspond to a specific language.iso in DSPACE

select handle,metadatavalue.text_value from handle, item, metadatavalue where metadatavalue.item_id=handle.resource_id AND metadata_field_id = 38 AND handle.resource_type_id=2 AND text_value='French' AND handle.resource_id=item.item_id AND item.withdrawn='f';